Well well well, isn’t this convenient? Now that Tucker Carlson has released more of the January 6th footage that disproves many of the lame, hateful narratives from the Left (and sadly, two nasty RINOs who are now both officially out of a job) it would appear the committee chairman, Bennie Thompson, is claiming they never had access to the footage.

No. Really.

They just had a bunch of staff go through it.

Can’t even make this crap up.

Did he really just throw the J6 Committee staffers under the bus?!

Because it suuure looks like it.


It must be REALLY bad for Thompson to feign ignorance …

Either he’s lying or they really did a disservice to these hearings, the American people, and this country.


Don’t forget the ABC producer, he did his part too.


No, you know what? It’s not unreal. It’s too damn REAL for the state of politics today.

That could work.

At least it sure looks like they want to.




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