And here we go AGAIN.

Matt Taibbi is a real trooper, he and the other journalists who have put their jobs, their livelihoods, heck, even their safety on the line to make sure we all get a glimpse into what was happening with Twitter, the media, and the government really deserve our gratitude.

The latest edition of the #TwitterFiles covers more on censorship – take a gander:

This is a long one so get a snack … but as always, it’s worth taking the time to read.

But Twitter was more like a partner to the government.

Yikes, right?

FBI and DHS had plenty of time to comb through Twitter looking for accounts to flag.


Blogging about the war … hrm.

Didn’t even bother to explain WHY they where flagged.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting:

Ya’ think?

Media, social media, tech, and government working together to frame a single accepted narrative.

Scary stuff, guys.



In other words, our tax dollars pay for this.

Katie Couric.

Prince Harry.

Yoel Roth.




That’s not scary or anything.


Gosh, wonder why.

Media threatening Twitter.

Alrighty then.

The government is picking winners and losers again.

Threatening the money.

Notice we’re seeing the same players here over and over and over again.

It succeeded in silencing 22 million tweets.





Not the story.

Not the truth.

A warrior.

And Russia is always their chosen villain … that’s important. Keep going.

Funded by American taxpayers.

Some of us have been paying for them to censor us.

Russian disinformation? Really?

There it is.

You guys recognize Hamilton 68, yes? Bill Kristol tie?


Ya’ think?

Reporters kept quiet.


… out of political caution.


Just gets worse and worse for Twitter.



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