David Hogg took time out of his busy day being … we don’t know what … to explain what he thinks ‘woke’ means and yes, it’s as funny as you’d expect. Granted, the little activist that couldn’t didn’t mean to be funny, clearly he’s trying to be super deep, super meaningful, and super WOKE himself.

Take a gander:

You’re probably making the same face we are – you know, the face you make when you’re driving along and you see some insane person driving alone in their car with the windows rolled up and they’re not only wearing a mask but have several masks hanging from their rearview mirror.

Yup, that face.

Then he decided to go after DeSantis in the same thread.

DeSantis doesn’t want grifters taking advantage of the past to milk innocent people of money today. He doesn’t want children to believe their skin color automatically makes them a villain or oppressed. He doesn’t want teachers talking to children about sex or gender.

This isn’t difficult.

Hogg continued:

DeSantis didn’t say that but whatever, Hogg.

Starting to think he lifted this from a pamphlet called, ‘Woke Talking Points for Dummies.’

They’re terrified of DeSantis.

It’s awesome, right?

There ya’ go.

Woke is about lazy people using lazy talking points to score lazy virtue-signal clicks and taps.


NOT a great selling point for the oldest institution of learning in the country.

Not. At. All.



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