Randi Weingarten sounds worried about DeSantis. She should be. Perhaps she was so shaken by DeSantis and the possibility of him ever being president that it caused her to write a grammatically flawed tweet that she should have KNOWN would get her dragged as the president of one of the largest teacher’s unions in the country.

Way to prove that unions protect crap teachers, crap schools, and crap districts, Randi:

Randi should also realize that she’s part of the reason Florida has done so well … she and her teacher’s union that shut down schools in some places for as many as two years. People flocked to Florida in the millions to get away from horrible mandates, crap schools, high taxes, etc.

And gosh, it’s far more expensive to live in DC (where she is) and other blue states like New York and California.

Notice she’s not ranting at those governors with a bunch of grammatical errors.

Like, yesterday.

What annoys us is not that she has to comment on everything, it’s that she always shuts down replies. Almost as if she knows her opinions are shite.

Ding ding ding.

Yeah, this is pretty bad.


Queen Teacher Supreme.


She ALWAYS shuts them down.

And fin.



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