As Twitchy readers know, Socialist Democrat darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing an ethics probe over her Met Gala event. You know, the one where she wore a dress about ‘taxing the rich’ as she attended the event in a limo, with hundreds (thousands) of dollars simply going into her appearance?

Welp, it sounds like there’s a lot more to what happened with AOC and that, believe it or not, she looks even worse than we all realized.

AG Hamilton was good enough to pull everything out for us to take a look at and … WOW.

Just like the good little socialist she is:

Wow is right … AOC does not actually treat ‘workers’ very well. Like, at all.

See? She’s totally doing what any powerful socialist does – take advantage of the working class.

Champagne Socialist.

That is PERFECT for her.

THERE it is.

We knew there was a reason … heh.

Or you know, at least until they know what’s going on.



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