Now, why oh why would officials text about deploying a new variant? Hrm.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya shared screenshots of texts between UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Damon Poole from December of 2020, and gosh, golly gee, they were about ‘deploying the new variant.’ Yikes. This implies that they were ‘deploying’ other variants, yes?

We should note that since these are screenshots we can neither confirm nor deny their authenticity HOWEVER … holy crap, you guys. If these are real?

Take a look:

We frighten the pants off everyone with the new strain …

Worth doing a bit about no leaking at the top I think …


Project Fear.

That reads.

Too late.


Holy crap …

Ok, so allow us to keep our tinfoil on for a few more minutes because this was an actual narrative that went around. That they were timing variants to keep us where they wanted us, to keep control, etcetera etcetera. This looks like proof of that very conspiracy theory.

Just sayin’.

Now, this could be it as well. The PR around the variant … but you know, if the variant was truly that horrible, they wouldn’t need a PR campaign.

So either way, whew indeed.


And grrrrrrr.



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