We’re so sorry this is happening to Aaron Rupar … ok, NOT really.

Way to ignore what Kurt Schlichter actually was doing here. Then again, those outraged clicks aren’t going to click themselves. Clearly, Schlichter wasn’t advocating the literal murder of reporters but let’s not pretend anyone on the Left (especially in the Leftist media) has any sort or semblance of a sense of humor.


Now you know Rupar’s followers didn’t actually bother to watch this clip, they just took his word for it because you know, Schlichter is an EVIL conservative ARGLE BARGLE RAR and of course, he’d want to murder reporters and stuff because January 6 and sedition and treason and stuff!

If only we were completely joking.

See what we mean?


We got nothin’. But see? Only needed a few tweets to prove our point about how people would respond to the tweet.

Schlichter used this as an opportunity to embarrass Rupar as only he can.

It IS great.

And Rupar clutching his pearls over it makes it even greater.

It’s ok when they do it … or something.



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