Really, Hershey’s? smh

At first, we thought this had to be a joke because wow, this is in poor taste. Surely, not even Canadian Hershey’s would think it’s a good idea to feature a man (and this person is a man, sorry, not sorry) for International Women’s Day. No matter how many surgeries they have or how much makeup they wear (or how giddy and ridiculous they act), their DNA is not the DNA of a woman.

That’s science.

That’s reality.

That’s sanity.

BUT things are so damn stupid that corporations like Hershey’s are making really stupid decisions.

Like this one (and yes, it’s real):

A man.

Appropriating women.

Taking a woman’s spot.

Babbling about misogyny and the patriarchy.


They don’t get it.

That. ^

So let’s recap.

Hershey’s has alienated actual women to pander to trans-women.

Probably not a great marketing move, just sayin’.

Patriarchy wins again.



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