Randi Weingarten yelling and screaming on the SCOTUS steps … classy.

Oh, and the fact that she’s yelling and screaming a bunch of lies makes it even worse. She has worked very hard to pretend her grotesque, repugnant, evil, vile union wasn’t responsible for keeping our kids out of the classroom and masked up WHEN they were in the classroom, but to hear her shrieking about how they helped small businesses during the pandemic?


So much BS.

All the BS.

Watch this insanity:

If there was ever a clip to adequately show ‘REEEEEEE’ it’s this one.


Full transparency, this editor’s corgis both woofed when this was played out loud.

Yes yes yes!


That is not fair.

Was it fair to hold education hostage for two years in order to gain more money and power? NO.

Deal with it, Randi.




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