Awwww, look at that. Obama bro Tommy Vietor is trying to make excuses for the government and media and the Left and Democrats getting the COVID lab leak story REALLY REALLY REALLY wrong. C’mon guys, it’s not the government’s fault they lied to us all. It’s not their fault we were ‘punished’ by Big Tech if we dared question their logic.

The government is the real victim here ya’ know!

This guy used to drive a van for Obama.

It shows.

Nice try, Tommy.

Buuuut …







We could keep going and going and going.

We’re going to find out all of this was just the tip of the iceberg when the #FauciFiles finally drop.

That they did.

100% of the time.



Rand Paul’s BADA*S wife Kelley Paul calls down the THUNDER on Fauci for lying and DAMN

South Park strikes AGAIN this time taking hilarious aim at trans activists and bathrooms (watch)

Dan Bongino pulls zero punches DROPPING Mehdi Hasan for snidely DEFENDING media ignoring COVID lab-leak


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