Aaron Rupar has been having a rough couple of days on Twitter. You know it’s bad for someone when we’ve written about them not only more than once a day, but multiple times a day and multiple days. From whining about CNN allowing East Palestinian Ohioans to have a voice in what is happening in their village, to ranting at Donald Trump Jr. for being honest about Pete Buttigieg being a diversity hire, to this … he’s not had a great 24-48 hours.

Oh, don’t get us wrong, it’s been GREAT for us (seems our readers love to point and laugh at him WITH US), but yikes.

Maybe he should put Twitter down for a bit and touch some grass.

How COULD Elon Musk allow anyone Rupar disagrees with to be verified?! REEEEE.

Awww, poor lil guy.

We hope he makes it through ok.

All the coping and all the seething.

Yeah, we realize these tweets feature the same gif, but it just works SO WELL here.

*cough cough*

Now, we don’t know who paid thousands and thousands for the blue checkmark, we’ve just heard it happened under the old guard.


Pretty sure he’s NOT.



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