It seems like only yesterday, we were making fun of Eric Swalwell pretending MAGA Republicans were out to get him so he could con more of his followers into sending him campaign donations. He said those donations will KEEP HIM IN THE FIGHT. Oh, it was only yesterday.

Guess those yachts aren’t going to pay for themselves.

Anywho, this story about how much of his campaign fund he uses for lavish travel seems timely and important.

And we love how Harmeet K. Dhillon called him out with it:

Eric spends more of his campaign cash on travel than even NANCY PELOSI.

Let THAT sink in.

From Fox News:

California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell spent more campaign cash on travel and luxury accommodations than Rep. Nancy Pelosi during the last two years, according to a Fox News Digital review of Federal Election Commission records.

Swalwell’s campaign spent nearly $583,000 on travel expenses during the 2022 elections, the filings show. Pelosi, by contrast, finished the cycle by putting $434,000 into reported travel expenses, according to a review of her records.

Swalwell has consistently used donor funds on limousines, flights, yachts, and posh hotels, including internationally. The spending came as Americans in both his district and around the country faced rising inflation that drove food, fuel, and energy costs through the roof.

Huh, Swalwell certainly doesn’t sound like a man of the people to us. His donors are providing him with a life of luxury when in reality, he should be using that money to campaign, travel, and find out how he can better serve them.

And we’re not just talking about travel, we’re talking about yachts, posh hotels, international travel … while his constituents struggle to buy a dozen eggs.


Rent enough yachts and limos and that would do it.

This will never NOT be funny.

It’s California.

Now watch, since this story broke he’ll be on his timeline claiming someone else is threatening his life because MAGA REPUBLICANS BAD.


We see what they did there.

*cough cough*

Calling Eric Swalwell loathsome is an insult to loathsome people.



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