Biden used an EO to implement a Marxist initiative. Yay.

We can’t even make this sort of nonsense up … but hey, if we needed another hint that he’s not really running the show but being told to sign off on things by someone else (cough cough, Obama, Susan Rice) this sure sounds like a clue.

Then again, Biden could’ve been a Marxist all along and just hid it behind being a racist for decades.


This thread from Jeremy Redfern is both scary and infuriating:

It is exactly what you think.

And it ain’t good.

Can’t be a good thing.


Yeah, the clenched fist is NOT a good thing. Like, at all, Joe.

Interesting how all of these green projects are always driven by anti-police nutballs, and by interesting we mean typical, predictable, and annoying.



Which is why the media refuses to really cover it.

Or him.

And lots of red flags.

Good times.

Let’s not pretend the media is at all opposed to Marxism disguised as ‘justice’.



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