James Clapper. Talk about a boil on the butt of humanity. Seemed like we were writing about him saying stupid stuff about Russia almost every day when Trump was president … and then of course, he and other members of the intel community signed a letter claiming the story around Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.

And now that we all know that was crap (we all knew then, but still), seems Clapper is trying to worm his way out of being involved since many people believe the Biden story may well have impacted the election. Luckily, actual investigative journalists like Jerry Dunleavy kept all the receipts.

Heck, he even put them together in an easy-to-read thread.

James. Can we call you Jim? Awesome. Jim … nice try, but no.

Look at him, trying to blame Politico for what he did.

Oh, we’re not surprised considering he was willing to sign a letter claiming a story that was obviously not Russian disinformation was disinformation to help Biden but still. This is such a bad look, and we weren’t sure Jim could look any worse.

… their letter directly argued Russia was involved.

Yeah, media, Democrats, and obviously Biden all used that story and letter to shrug off the bombshell about Hunter using his last name to make deals all around the world with shady characters. Not to mention the possibility of ‘10% for the Big Guy’ proving Joe Biden was involved. What’s even dumber about all of this is the idea that Russia would want to keep Biden out, like they’re so scared of or intimidated by him that they’d get try and hurt his chances.

Especially since they waited until ‘the big guy’ was in the White House to invade Ukraine.

No wonder Jim feels like a big ol’ dummy and is trying desperately to pretend he didn’t do what he did.

Never got a response back.

Gosh, we’re shocked.

‘To me, this is just classic textbook Soviet Russia tradecraft work.’

This sounds like more than just a suggestion, Jim.

Those pesky receipts.



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