How DARE Christians interrupt the booze and gambling Super Bowl ads with Jesus. THE NERVE!

Seems our tolerant, kind, accepting-of-all-ideas (HA!) pals on the Left are very very very upset over the ‘He Gets Us’ Jesus ad that was shown during the Super Bowl. Apparently, promoting love, family, acceptance, and life is a bad thing as far as Democrats are concerned. How we WISH we were making this crap up but nope. It’s very real.

You may be asking yourselves what sort of shallow, idiotic tool would have a problem with an ad about Jesus …

*cough cough*

Something tells us AOC has no idea what the word fascism actually means.

Pepsi and booze companies easily spent 10x that … is Democrat Strategist Sawyer upset with them for not investing those dollars into saving the homeless?

Gonna guess he’s not.

And you know he thought this was some great, meaningful tweet.

Just FYI, as a rule Christians support life.

Crazy, we know.

John should try crying more.

Again, notice they don’t have any issue with other advertisers spending their money on Super Bowl ads. And they spent FAR MORE – heck, Pepsi could have just cut one of their multiple ads and fed eleventy BILLION people.

What do you want to bet ol’ Viv here isn’t bright enough to see the irony of her own tweet?

You have to wonder if Trump likes living for free in agnostic Jack’s head.

It’s a commercial, people.

These people all seriously need to get a hobby.

A brain.

A life.




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