When AOC speaks, people listen.

They then point and laugh but still … they listen.

If for no other reason than to be entertained. Seems AOC decided she needed to chime in on the Tyre Nichols situation and join in the idea that it was the system that killed this poor man, not five Black policemen. The Left will say and do anything to stick to their crap narrative.

Case in point:


Fascinating wording there.

When they tried to give the IRS more money were they ‘rewarding’ them?

She wants to use his death to push her agenda.

You’d think she could at least give this a few more days first, right?

Michael Shellenberger was good enough to educate and fact-check the Socialist Democrat darling:

The Guardian.



Shellenberger brought some receipts, as usual:

They never want to talk about the war on police.

Wonder why?

Keep going.


The suburbs welcome the police, they don’t attack them.

The suburbs pay the police, they don’t defund them.

Seems pretty simple.

… for nearly a decade been driving good police out of departments and depriving departments of enough people so they can provide officers with the proper training … 

50 a month to retirement.


It’s almost as if they’re leaving and/or retiring because they’ve been vilified so progressives can support the criminal over the victim to make themselves feel like they’re promoting equity.

Wow wow.

Fascinating how pushing ‘to defund the police’ would actually hurt them.


Just 7%.

Crime surged. But you know, they should defund the police more and stuff.

And let’s be honest, AOC really really really wants to feel cool and glamorous.

We’re not holding our breath for Sandy to be a bigger person.

At least AOC is consistent … at being wrong.



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