Adam Kinzinger is really and truly doing his best to fit in at CNN with stupid tweets and takes. Hey, this is what we’d expect from a Senior Political Analyst on that crap-hole outlet so in that regard, way to go, dude.

But in reality, this is really dumb.

Kinzinger shared what looks like a ‘hit list’ put together by the Seattle Times of people who ‘made fun’ of Paul Pelosi but if you look at their ‘crimes’, it doesn’t say that at all.

You’d think eventually Adam would get tired of stacking up the L’s and yet here we are.

A list of people to be held accountable …

We’re so lucky Democrats gerrymandered this guy out of his job, he has NO BUSINESS being in any sort of authority if he truly believes people should be punished for questioning a story that the media did a piss-poor job covering in the first place.


That little squiggle … says so much.


So much meep.

But also a fair question.

What he said.

He lost those and way more a long time ago.

Yeah, we’re not seeing him demand anyone else be held accountable …

Oh … wait.




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