We had never heard of Keeana-Yamahtta Taylor before this tweet so we did a little digging and it appears she is a professor, a contributor to the New Yorker, AND a key author of the AP African American Studies curriculum Florida rejected.

And seeing this tweet? Sounds like Florida was right.

She’s not even just pushing to defund the police, she wants them abolished.

All we can assume is she’s wealthy or privileged enough not to have to worry about her own safety and security. Surely as a professor, she knows what’s really happening in these communities and that police are fleeing where they are unwanted. Heck, all she has to do is look at Michael Shellenberger’s thread about what’s happening with police and their departments across the country and she’d realize how uninformed and quite frankly thoughtless her tweet really is.


But likely very true.

This is the tweet that cued us in … we found the PDF of the curriculum and she’s listed. Yup.

Be a real parent?

Not a friend?

GASP GASP and more GASP.

Sounds like a better idea to us.

Decade? We just got started BUT it’s probably in the running for top 100.

Seems fair.


We never seem to hear this from those in communities with high crime and violence. Funny how that works out.



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