Dom Lucre has figured out a way to get the Left to share threads taking THEMSELVES apart. We covered his thread on the KKK and slavery yesterday and today we’re covering this gem on gun control.

Again, with the bait (if you will):

How many Lefty gun-grabbers do you think retweeted this without bothering to look at what the thread actually says?

Take a look:

Aww yes, gun grabbers love their gun-free zones because you know, criminals will always do what a sign tells them to.

It’s simple and a lot of people go there.

But we’ve been told it’s only evil straight white men who want guns.

Could that be a lie?!


Yes, yes it does.

He continued:

Evil NRA. Pshaw.

Again, we’ve been told by the Left that if Black Americans were armed evil white people on the right wouldn’t want guns to be a right anymore.

Could they be lying?!

Yes, yes we are being facetious.

They didn’t.

Read that again.

Greater regulations will disempower underprivileged people that face very serious violent threats.

It’s easier for gun grabbers to vilify guns that go pew pew pew a lot faster or something.

Odd how this gunman rarely comes up.

The ignore the person behind the gun because it’s far easier (more lucrative, more votes) for them to run on GUNS.

But guns, dude.

Shhhh. We’re not supposed to talk about that.


Sorry but we were told his SUV did it … ahem.

The bad guys are far more likely to hesitate when they’re not sure how many good guys have guns and how many guns those good guys have.


Told ya’.



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