Chuck Schumer never tells the whole story about what the GOP really wants to do with taxes … because he knows it could work. And let’s face it, nobody loves a tax more than our pals in the Democratic Party. We imagine the moment they heard the words ‘disband the IRS’ they shut down and missed everything else.

Whatever will they do if they can’t punish evil Americans for making money?!

So they are really pushing this half-lie BS fearmongering to scare the normies:

Note, even Twitter ‘fact-checked’ Schumer on this one. He leaves out SO much, like you know, how Americans would take home everything they earn for a change? Illegal immigrants would get hit with this tax, and tourists -there are no loopholes or exemptions.

EVERYONE would be paying their fair share and we’d STOP punishing people for making money.

Isn’t that what Democrats want? For people to pay their fair share?

Of course, he’s not upset with it – he and other Democrats think they own our money and the current tax structure is the perfect weapon.

This was so ridiculous even Elon Musk chimed in:


Imagine that, policymakers talking to each other for real?

Get outta here.

That would be a hoot.

See, even the bazillionaire agrees with us.

Good luck uniting ANY people in power.


This seems very pragmatic, sort of like abolishing the IRS and ending income tax.

Which means it won’t happen but still.



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