After Dave Rubin spent two days at Twitter talking to the people who make it ‘run’ (yes, including Elon Musk), he put this thread together about what is really happening at the Tech Giant and yes, it is very very very eye-opening.

Take a gander.

And Elon was cool with him sharing the truth, which says a lot.

Take note, as they fix the code more problems arise …

Sounds like the days of start-ups to us.

Keep going.

Some of us are definitely getting crushed … this is where it gets good.


Not just typical censorship but secret labeling censorship that they have to dig around to find.

Evil people were doing evil things at Twitter, guys.

Wow wow.

Because of course.

Almost a year … who knows how long these suppressions, throttles, and shadowbans go back.

Flaming dumpster fire rolling down the street.

That reads.


Love that.

Thanks, David!


Since there are so many who are ‘non-woke’ we suppose that means that the ‘far right’ is huge.


Yes, they freakin’ do. We hear Texas is nice.

Virginia is also on its way to being less of a crap hole.

Just sayin’.

Jack Dorsey was a liar.

Sounds like Elon is on the move to making Twitter great again.

Or would that be great for the first time?

We’re all watching.



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