Bette Midler has tweeted a lot of bats**t things over the years and yet no matter how much we cover her, no matter how many of her tweets we stumble across in our Twitter travels, she still has the ability to surprise us with just how ridiculous her tweets CAN be.

Like this tweet about law-abiding gun owners.

Woof, lady.

Take a gander:

Imagine if Bette actually KNEW what she was talking about for a change. Crazy, right?

Then again, if she wasn’t spouting out insane things whatever would we write about? We can only make fun of AOC, Eric Swalwell, and Ron Perlman (who still thinks we’re some group of Russians hanging out making fun of him) so much.

In a weird way, we need Bette to stay … well, Bette.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not pointing and laughing at her with the rest of you over this tweet.


Fair point.

Oooh … good one.


So accurate.



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