It’s hard for us to believe that there is anyone out there who really takes Adam Schiff seriously or thinks he’s a good legislator. Oh, we get it, plenty of maroons in California keep voting for this guy (clearly) but we have to assume they are either really really really uninformed or perhaps at some point suffered some sort of brain injury or ate a bunch of paint chips.


Watching him get all tough about bullies KNOWING he’s one of the biggest bullies on the planet …

Bully Schiff whining about other bullies … too funny.

And the treatment of others? Really?

C’mon, Adam. There has to be some sort of self-awareness in there, somewhere.

A nasty, shameful, embarrassing one at that.

Excellent suggestion. We have to wonder if Adam has considered crying more.

It could help.

Let’s be clear, we will never let Schiff for Brains forget who he is and what he’s done. If only the good people of California would figure it out and send him packing.



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