A few days ago, TCMA (Trans-Cultural Mindfulness Alliance) sent out a tweet requesting that Spotify and Apple Music remove Aretha Franklin’s ‘Natural Woman’ from their catalog because ‘there is no such thing as a natural woman’.

Obvious parody.

Unless you’ve been watching the trans-activist movement as of late.

Sorry, but the Left really has become a parody of itself so it’s hard to know …

That being said, if you’re a journalist you really should at least CONTACT the account and make sure the story and tweet is legit before running with it. Whoever is behind this parody account just obliterated the media for not even bothering to find out if this story was true.


Take a look, this is great.

True true.

Scary, yup.

But sadly not all that surprising.

Keep going.

We live in an upside-down clown world.

Indeed we do.

Crazy, right? Mean ol’ conservative media questioning the crazy on the Left.

Notice, we didn’t cover it.

Welcome to 2023.



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