Awww, would you guys look at that? Senator Chris Murphy is trying to blame Republicans for the MASSIVE AF debt they’ve accumulated during their majority … you can’t make this up. Tax cuts don’t cause the debt to go up, Sparky. Every year our government collects MORE money than the year before, we don’t have a tax problem.

We have a spending problem.

Sorry, wait.

YOU have a spending problem.

Awww, look, the story even pulls a pic of Trump.

These turnips never change, do they?

Apparently, it’s a difficult concept for legislators.

Ok, we actually laughed out loud at this one. There are far more important things than tax and spending … the M&M controversy.




We’re PRETTY sure Christina Pushaw just made this Florida Democrat policy guy cry and LOL

Parody trans account TCMA DROPS media for treating obvious Aretha Franklin parody as REAL story and LOL

Twitch influencer Jessica Fernandez BUSTED claiming man ‘sexualized’ her at the gym (hint, he didn’t)


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