Seems Dave Spore is not very happy with DeSantis’ Deputy Press Secretary’s response to Politico’s tweet about Black officials seeking to overturn the admin’s decision that a certain political AP course should not be a part of Florida education.

They so badly want our young people indoctrinated … not necessarily educated.

Spore, who is apparently a Health and Human Services policy guy for the Florida House Democrats, tattled on Jeremy Redfern without tagging him, of course.


You mean he doesn’t allow the man he works for to be grossly trashed, smeared, and lied about?

Get outta town.

Just guess how this went over.

Maybe he’d feel better if he did.

Christina ALSO dropped this one …


We’re sensing a theme here.

It’s possible.


Ain’t she great?

Probably more true than he’d want to admit.



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