If you come for Charles C.W. Cooke on Twitter, you best not miss.

Just sayin’.

And this is adorable … Never Trumper Brandt (sorry, Christian Vanderbrouk) aka UrbanAchievr taking a screenshot of an article so it’s OUT of context, not bothering to tag the writer in it, so he can make a lame, sad little argument for the people who still follow him. This guy has been doing this forever. If it’s not an article, it’s a tweet. Screenshot, usually out of context, then drag for the clapping seals who for whatever reason haven’t figured him out just yet.

Case in point:

And as usual, the person he’s trying to drag caught wind of it. Honestly, we’re just surprised he doesn’t have Cooke blocked …


Sadly though, Brandt’s followers will not be shocked to see that he once again took someone out of context to argue a point that wasn’t even made in the first place.

If you have to screenshot people and subtweet them to debate MAYBE Twitter isn’t for you.

Just sayin’.

Nobody needs Trump MORE than our Never Trumper pals.


Yeah, that works.

Certainly seems so.



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