So as you likely know by now, Biden basically said we’re in deep and haven’t been this close to Armageddon since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Oh, the White House has since walked that back (as we all knew they would) but he put it out there.

And c’mon, President Pudding Pop likely wasn’t making this up, he was just probably not supposed to TELL anyone.

For whatever reason, former GQ Research Director (whatever the heck that means) and total Twitchy fan, Luke Zaleski felt like this was a good time to blame Trump. Don’t make that face, we didn’t tweet it.

He did.

This dude is obsessed with Trump.

Trump Trump Trump.




Yeah, that’s the crazy part, ya’ know? The Left was constantly telling us how Trump would get us into a nuclear war and yet here we are, with their boy in the White House, talking about how Armageddon may well be imminent.

But you know, Trump.

He is a consistent little thing.

Consistently annoying.

Enter Joey Jones:

This goes beyond cognitive dissonance but we digress.

He gets so fussy.

Oh good, because Politico is a great resource.

It looks like Joey may have broken Luke …

He tweeted the same thing, twice?

Guess he REALLY means that one.

Wouldn’t we all?



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