White liberals really don’t like Black people who disagree with them.

Sorry, not sorry.

To be fair, they don’t like anyone who really disagrees with them but we digress.

What sort of white person thinks it’s appropriate in any way to lecture and shame Black Americans for their beliefs? Can you imagine if this ‘Tales & Typos’ person was shaming Black Americans for supporting Biden? And telling them if they support Biden they should unfollow her?

Twitter would have already suspended her.

But since she’s lecturing Black people about supporting Trump … guess that’s ok.

Look at this:

This is just so ludicrous to this editor, that anyone would feel not only ok with posting this, but justified?

‘So sue me.’

And look at the number of people who liked her first tweet! 12k!

Honestly, how any ‘person of color’ can stand white leftists and liberals is beyond this editor.

Just gross.

She is perpetuating a lie because it’s convenient. Willing to bet she still thinks Trump called neo-Nazis very fine people.

Ain’t she, though?


Oh shew, thank you for the first real laugh of the day.



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