You know, all Biden had to do when it comes to repaying student debt was talk to Senator John Kennedy. Heck, he pointed out we’ve had a plan to repay student debt for a long long long time.

Admit it, you read the headline in Kennedy’s voice.

Watch this:



But that’s not fair and stuff, we shouldn’t force those coastal elites to pay off the debt they agreed to. Waaaaanh.

And as you likely already surmised, since Kennedy’s plan actually worked before (and will work again), and actually involves WORK, people who want everyone else pay to pay off their loans were really pissed about his tweet. To be fair, when aren’t they really pissed? But we digress.

Notice he’s not trying to make the rest of us pay for his Oxford education.

Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of the Left using Jesus memes to make people feel guilty for not wanting to pay off their student loans.

Coastal elites hate it when you call them out.




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