As the media and the Left have been working overtime to spin their original reaction to DeSantis sending 48 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard (a Sanctuary City) as a good thing, there is no amount of damage control they can actually do to change how quickly they all dropped their masks. The same people who lecture border towns along the southern border about not being racist or xenophobic sure went racist and xenophobic when these same illegal immigrants were in their backyard.

But you know, DeSantis was evil for sending them there because human trafficking or something.


Welp, this morning pundits have been working really hard to make a big deal about how the people of Martha’s Vineyard took care of these 48 illegal immigrants … ‘LOOK AT THEM FEED THEM! LOOK AT THAT, A PLACE TO SLEEP! THEY’RE SHOWING DESANTIS!’

And then magically, they were shipped off this morning.

Because of course.

All of this being said, Aidan Kearney was good enough to share some screenshots from some Facebook threads of people who live in Martha’s Vineyard, and how they really reacted to these illegal immigrants being in their luxury community.

Take a look:

TWO summer rentals.


But we were told they have a housing crisis?

Keep going.

That’s not the point. LOL.

Awww, look at them making time to whine about abortion.

Oh, and their reaction to finding them permanent housing … HA HA HA HA HA HA

You know how these people vote, and you know they pat themselves on the back for caring about the little people, as long as they’re not in their backyard.

A unicorn.

Rare, but not impossible to find.


We. Got. Nothin’.

You know, we thought we were just making up jokes about these wealthy Leftists, we were actually wrong.

They are walking, talking caricatures of ever villain in every 80s movie EVER.

He was correct, they’ve already relocated the scary brown people out of Martha’s Vineyard.

So they can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Think they’ll change their Sanctuary City status?



Why not keep them?

Like they’re homeless pets or something.

It just gets worse and worse.


The uber-rich were raising money to help get the brown people off their island.


They’re so tolerant they’re trying to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Major shout-out to Aidan for showing us who these folks REALLY are.

Oh, we knew, but seeing it in their own words?


You can find more of his work here:



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