Another one bites the dust, sorta.

While Brian Stelter and John Harwood were completely let go, Don Lemon is losing his primetime show and being moved to a morning show as part of a host team. You know that’s gotta really piss him off, right? Hey, new ownership means change, and we’re starting to think their new owners don’t want to lose their investment.

Major demotion for the propagandist.

That fits.

Lots and lots and lots of people have thoughts on Lemon losing his crappy show:

Guess Don’s show was a ‘lemon’? We’ll be here all week folks, tip your waitress.


That’s a nice way to put DEMOTED.

Good point. Unlike Stelter and Harwood who were just evil white dudes.

We shall see.

Hey, maybe he’ll end up being a fellow at Harvard with his pal Brian Stelter at some point?



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