In case you were wondering, yes, Peter Strzok is still a boil on the butt of humanity.

Even if you weren’t wondering, we just thought we’d put that out there.

He may be the BIGGEST boil on the butt of humanity like EVER.

Didn’t this guy delete a bunch of texts from his cell phone? Thinking he is the last person who should be bragging about someone else’s cell phone being taken.

Just sayin’.

Enter Margot Cleveland with the takedown:

But whatever.



Dude was fired for basically abusing his cell phone privileges but hey … it’s funny when the FBI targets other people and takes their phones because orange man bad. Ugh, he’s just so horrible. Like horrible people walk past Peter and say, ‘Damn, dude, you are HORRIBLE.’

Wouldn’t that be nice?

This. ^

Coming from Strzok that’s doubly funny.


There it is!



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