We can’t make this crap up.


Not even close.

Just when we think Taylor Lorenz has tapped out with her cry-bully routine she sets the bar even lower. It’s amazing, and not in a good way, how she continues to have a job that not only enables her to bully others in media but empowers it. Remember when she was interviewed by MSNBC about how she was harassed as a female journalist? Oh boo hoo, her life is so hard as a woman in this field, blah blah blah. Well, seems she is upset with all of the memes out there that resulted from HER BEHAVIOR.

Not the interview.

But that isn’t stopping her for attacking the female MSNBC journo who interviewed her.

Look at this insanity:

Train-wreck Taylor continues.

It’s Morgan’s fault people made memes of her acting like a Deranged White Woman during her interview.

Yeah, that’s it.


Libs of TikTok owns her.



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