As the DOJ continues its efforts to keep Trump in the limelight with the promise (tease) that the walls are FINALLY CAVING IN, Durham has been quietly continuing his work. Odd that we don’t hear more about this from our pals in the media.

We are so kidding.

And hey, we get it, we’ve been writing about Hillary Clinton’s comeuppance for years now, but we can’t give up hope just yet that Durham might finally have the goods on her. This thread from Margot Cleveland is definitely a must read, even a damning one at that:

We have no idea what this means BUT luckily Margot does.


Hey, we’re nothing if not honest.

Keep going.

July of 2016 … right as Trump and Pence received the official nod from the GOP.


Interesting timing, eh?

It gets better. Worse? Something like that.

It was all a lie.


But Leftists need this to be true, otherwise, they have to admit Clinton was far more evil during this election and there was no Russian collusion.

That might literally make Rob Reiner’s head explode.

She continued.

The Clinton Campaign HIRED the Russian who provided the disinformation that allowed spying on Trump.


From The Federalist (also from Margot herself):

Not only did Joffe replicate Steele’s approach in serving as a CHS, by providing supposed intel to both the media and the FBI, but Joffe went further by using his well-connected swamp lawyer, Sussmann, to sidestep both his handler and the FBI in order to feed the CIA purportedly damaging information on Trump.

Specifically, in February of 2017, Sussmann used his connections to score a meeting with the CIA on behalf of Joffe. During that sit-down, in addition to giving the CIA agents updated information pertaining to the Alfa Bank hoax, “Sussmann provided the agency thumb drives with separate data files for the YotaPhone by the location of the ‘domain name system’ or DNS lookups, including one for Trump’s Central Park apartment, one for the [Executive Office of the President], one for Spectrum Health Care, and one for the Trump Tower.”


Clinton’s campaign paid for the info and had more Russian connections but hey sure, let’s target Trump.

Seems that’s all our ‘free press’ knows how to do these days.



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