As Twitchy readers know, professor, feminist, anti-racist, and critical race theorist Uju Anya wished suffering on Queen Elizabeth as she passed. We are seeing a good bit of hate and awful from hateful and awful people on Twitter trashing the monarch in death, but Anya’s tweets were some of the worst.

When you read more about who this woman is, where she works, what she does, and what she believes … it all sadly makes sense.

And then when you realize there will be zero consequences for her being disgusting on Twitter, it goes from sad to mad.

Christopher Rufo was good enough to provide some background:

Because of course.

Holy Hell.

What is wrong with this woman? Who thinks like that? You know, we’d say this level of hatred and racism is unbelievable but sadly, we see it more and more every day. And we all know Twitter condones it, Hell, they verified her so they agree with her on some level.

Good times.

Rufo continued:

That. Is. Terrifying.

No wonder so many parents are fighting back and pushing against DEI programs. Sounds like her degree is centered around fostering hate based on race and sex. Hey, we’re certainly not experts here, just what it looks like reading her bio.


We’re already hearing it.

Yeah, we’re not holding our breath that Anya will be held accountable for her awful tweets.

And sadly, she’s not unique.

Not a great look, Uju. Not at all.



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