Wow. At this point, all we can assume is that Biden and the Democrats know they don’t have much to really run on other than raising taxes on the middle and lower class in order to give the upper class a break on their student loans … oh, and save the planet or something.

It’s cute how they called it the Inflation Reduction Act when it mentions nothing about reducing inflation.

Anywho … Biden is doing his best to really push the MAGA Republicans talking point, mainly because they’re afraid if they don’t, these candidates Trump has endorsed (who are winning primaries) will win in the midterms. Oh, and if he can crap on the rest of us in the process of setting up some easy attacks for his lazy, caricature of a base, all the better.

He’s so desperate to make Republicans the evil party of the rich.

Ummm, what?

The only party who seems to give a damn about the working people is Republicans right now, Joe. Only morons wouldn’t see that. And c’mon, what elected official ever said Wall Street build this country?

Enter Brit Hume:

And Brit would know.


Yes, he was.


Nobody is as obsessed with MAGA as Biden is. Nobody. Not even Trump.



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