Bernie Sanders staffer Warren Gunnels was trying to dunk on Boomers who are understandably pissed off about having to foot the bill for student debt they didn’t take on. Truth be told, GenX isn’t exactly thrilled about it either BUT he was rolling here so …

Garsh! That sounds awful.

Except his math is … off.

Even Twitter corrected him.



Gotta adjust for inflation all around to make an accurate comparison.


He got very fussy with being corrected.

The DAMN receipts.

Temper temper.

We’re starting to understand why he works for Bernie.

Someone is sensitive.

Poor fella.

His point about Boomers wouldn’t work if he didn’t …


This is true, college didn’t get crazy expensive until the government got involved.

Which is pretty consistent with any and all things government-related.



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