Yeah yeah yeah … we know … WaPo is gonna WaPo.

But still.

This is just obnoxious and doesn’t in any way change who is suspected of shooting Washington Commanders running back, Brian Robinson Jr. Yes, the reality of the situation goes against their narrative but you’d THINK in such a basic story to report on, they could at least get this part right.

Ok, not really.

Katie Pavlich dropped them:

Gosh, why oh why would WaPo leave out their description?

Oh, we know.

And c’mon, even DC used the suspect’s full description.

Katie gets it.

Fair point.

Let’s not give them any ideas.


Sad but true.

You can bet your backside if the suspects were wearing MAGA hats that would be the first thing they included in their story.

But alas … there was no narrative for them to push so they hid the whole story.

And they wonder why so many of us distrust and mock them.



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