John McWhorter rejects the notion that tests are racist.

Crazy talk.

Of course, McWhorter opposes all things ‘woke’, and Ibrama X. Kendi supports all things woke, so we’re not entirely surprised he got all sorts of crabby with his New York Times piece.

From the New York Times:

This will mean taking a deep breath and asking why it is that in various instances, Black and Latino test-takers disproportionately have trouble with standardized tests. The reason for the deep breath is the implication ever in the air on this subject: that if the test isn’t racist, then the results might suggest that they aren’t as smart as their white peers. That’s an artificially narrowed realm of choices, however. There is more to what shapes how people handle things like standardized tests.

Broadly speaking, standardized testing has been criticized in a variety of ways. A 2021 article in NEA Today, a publication of the National Education Association, claims, “Since their inception a century ago, standardized tests have been instruments of racism and a biased system,” an observation channeling an opinion common in education circles that standardized tests measure test-taking ability rather than proficiency. But these claims miss a dynamic that sheds light on this issue.

How dare McWhorter not just blame racism for all things?!

So now McWhorter is racist.


He accepts that not everyone is racism and not everything is racist …

Pretty sure it’s Ibram who is the embarrassment.

McWhorter responded:

We all know Ibram isn’t interested in reasoned engagement. It’s about scoring points and promoting wokeism.


When everything is racist, nothing is. Or something.

McWhorter said it WAY better.



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