We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve talked about the Left projecting whoever they are and whatever they’re doing onto the Right. But this latest attack on millions of Americans, calling them fascists? And even the president getting in on it? Just abhorrent.

No words for how gross this new narrative really is. Not only is it a huge disrespect for those millions of Americans who are anything but fascists, but it completely disregards the actual fascists so many brave men and women fought in WWII.

Honestly, we all should just accept this latest narrative as the Left proving they are absolutely clueless about fascism.

Because it appears some of them actually really dig Hitler’s ideas.

Don’t take our word for it … watch this:

Ummm … so this was LiTeRaLlY hItLeR.

Crazy, right?

It’s all they’ve really got left for the upcoming midterms.

Why not both?

Not even a tiny one.




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