DANG IT … I take no joy in writing this piece about the Libertarian Party of NH. Full disclosure, I follow their account and they follow me, and usually they tweet things that I agree with or at least think about.

Not this time.

I should also probably preface my piece by saying Meghan McCain blocked me for like a decade because I called out her dad for reporting and seemingly getting me suspended long, long ago on Twitter (he and Lindsay Graham didn’t think bloggers should be protected by the First Amendment). So this is not about defending Meghan.

No, this is about calling out needless cruelty.

Have a problem with John McCain? Fine. But mocking his daughter’s grief? How is that in the least bit meaningful? How does that change minds? Make people think?

It doesn’t.

It just pisses a lot of people off and makes your party look like a bunch of edgelords that NOBODY takes seriously.

Meghan did respond:

Even if you have a beef with Meghan, this level of trolling and s**tposting doesn’t really do anything but make you look like the villain.

And dude, they definitely made themselves a villain with this one:

And so on.

All that being said, I don’t think they should be forced to take it down or be punished for the tweet … but my hope is they will think about the pushback and reaction they’ve received and maybe learn something here. Grow. Discuss and dialogue with people who disagree with them.

I’m not holding my breath because this is Twitter and, yeah.

But I HOPE so.



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