Once again, Twitchy favorite Ian McKelvey has put together a thread that needs little to no introduction from us EXCEPT to say when you see it like this, the things Hillary not only pulled but got away with knowing the FBI raided Trump (for what exactly we’re not even sure they really know), is infuriating.

It’s as if our pals on the Left and in the media think we’ll forget.

We haven’t.

And neither has Ian …

This seems like sort of a big deal, right?



Remember when she claimed the emails were just about yoga? Sort of like when her husband met with then AG Lynch on the tarmac and claimed it was just to talk about grandchildren?

With. A. Hammer.


Awww yes, the BleachBit disaster. Was this when she pretended to be ignorant of what it meant to wipe a server?

Leftist operatives.

Sadly, that seems truer and truer.

Scary stuff.

Oh, and sell the NUCLEAR CODES to Russia or something.

No really, Ron Perlman was saying as much.

Granted, he and his ilk aren’t the brightest crayons in the box but still …



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