Before this past week, how much did you know about the Espionage Act? Did you even know it was a thing? Willing to bet MOST of the people cheering the idea of Trump being found in violation of this act had no idea it was a thing until they thought it MIGHT take down the bad orange man THIS time. They’ve tried fake Russian collusion, two impeachments, a bizarre kangaroo court, and now this.

Sen. Rand Paul reminded everyone of how this act has been abused and even pushed to repeal it causing a tidal wave of angry and stupid from our mouth-breather friends on the Left.

It all started here:

From The Future of Freedom Foundation:

Some news media commentators are finally coming to the realization that if the Espionage Act can be enforced against Assange for what he did, it can be enforced against anyone in the press for revealing damaging inside information about the national-security establishment — i.e., the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA. Therefore, they are calling on the Justice Department to cease and desist from its prosecution of Assange.

Of course, they are right, but the problem is that they don’t go far enough. Their mindsets reflect the customary acceptance of the status quo. The mindset is that we Americans simply have to accept the way things are and plead with the government to go easy on us.

That’s just plain nonsense. It is incumbent on the American people to start thinking at a high level, one that doesn’t just accept the existence of tyrannical laws and instead calls for their repeal.

Sort of like The Patriot Act, right?

The usual suspects all showed up to accuse Rand of being a traitor and a Russian asset:

Homie? Really?

Remember when we found a bunch of racist tweets from Rex Chapman?

We do.


You know the face you make when you’re waiting in line at the grocery store and the person at the very front pulls out a fistful of coupons and wants to write a check? YUP, just made that face.

Our enemiems.

Which enemies?


So says the guy who supports the party changing definitions to fit their narrative.

Good times.

These people see Russia everywhere.

Anyone else getting really creepy McCarthy vibes?


Or, you know, a relevant time to bring it up.

At the end of the day, the people who hate (fear) Trump want his walls CAVING IN no matter what, and they have been handed another carrot in front of their donkey (remember when it was Mueller time?), so they’re going to cling to this with all their might. And Rand even SUGGESTING this carrot go away infuriates them.

Good times.



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