Just when we think Liz Cheney can’t sink her re-election any further, she comes out and surprises us. Yesterday, she shamed her party for being angry over the FBI raid on Trump’s home.

Her party.

Maybe it’s time for ol’ Liz to just admit she’s a Democrat and stop wasting our time and hers.

Mark Levin has had ENOUGH of her as well:

Yeah, ouch.

And speaking of ouch, Liz has fallen even further in the polls, this time in a fairly left-leaning poll for Wyoming, UW.

From the Wyoming Tribune Eagle:

Consistent with a previous poll, one just released by the University of Wyoming found a wide gap between the two frontrunners to be the state’s sole U.S. representative. In the UW survey, likely Republican primary voters said they would pick Harriet Hageman over incumbent Rep. Liz Cheney, among other candidates. There is a 30-percentage point difference between the two women. Hageman would get 57.4% of the vote. Cheney would get 27.8%.

The other candidates in this state’s only 2022 race involving Congress are well behind both Hageman and Cheney. Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, comes in at third place, with 1.7% of likely GOP primary voters saying they plan to back him. Denton Knapp is at 0.8%, and Robyn Belinskey gets 0.2% in the survey.

Na na na na, na na na na, HEY HEY HEY, goodbye.

We hope whatever Nancy promised her (or threatened her with) was worth it.

Liz couldn’t do more to nuke her campaign if she tried.



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