Nancy Pelosi saying ‘no one is above the law’ when asked about the FBI raiding Trump’s home has got to be the most ironic, ridiculous things this Botox-filled-bag has ever said. As America watches her own husband pretend he’s above the law for a DUI …

She must think she has the dumbest supporters on the planet.

On this point, she would be right.


Is she including her hubby Paul Pelosi and his DUI? Asking for a friend.

And c’mon, we all know she knows what the warrant was for.

She likely knew beforehand.

Sort of like that whole stock trading business.


Above the law, holy cow.

We don’t put anything past the woman who went for a blowout during the government lockdowns and then tried to put the salon out of business for ‘setting her up’ when she got caught.

Horrible woman.

Hunter Biden anyone?

There are so many things we KNOW went on with Hunter Biden, we KNOW there is some sort of connection with ‘The Big Guy,’ but they’re raiding Trump’s home.


She is.

Oh yeah, they asked her about her trip to Taiwan as well.

It was painful.


But … yeah.



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