The Left can’t meme.

This is a scientific fact.

Well, they can’t tell jokes either.

Case in point, this stupid joke about the FBI raiding Trump’s home from Dan Rather. Yeah, because HA HA HA, it’s hilarious when a federal agency is used to politically target a former president of the United States. HILARIOUS. Not terrifying at all.

That he thinks this is funny says so much about him, and ain’t none of it any good.

(Overheard at CBS)
Knock knock.
Who’s there?
You’re fired.

To be fair, this is who Dan has always been, he showed America and the world his true colors when he actively shared fake news to hurt George W. Bush.

And while the lemmings may cheer this sort of ugliness, the rest of us have known for many, many years Dan is a bully, not a journalist, and has zero integrity.

Painful even.


They don’t seem to understand that cheering when the alligator eats someone you hate only means the alligator eats you LAST.

Seems pretty obvious these days, right?

The joke is on Dan … or rather, he’s the joke.

See what we did there? Dan and rather?

C’mon, work with us, people!



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