Every elected official should have to read this thread.

And every person in the media.

And every Lefty, although we know THAT won’t happen.

We’ve written about other threads from Alexandria Brown because they’re always pretty spot-on. In this thread, she talks about the importance of being heard, and mentions the steps the Right has taken over the years to make sure they ARE heard, going back to the Tea Party. And then what happens when they’re not heard.

Take a gander:

People want to be heard.

This isn’t rocket science.

When you say, ‘I am pro-life,’ and some crazy pro-abort accuses you of being a theocrat wishing for a Handmaid’s Tale reality … yeah, that’s infuriating.

The establishment does this.

So does the Left.

But if they take people at their word then they have to accept their opinions could be wrong!

Winner winner chicken dinner.

We’re seeing this happen in real-time more and more.

So there!


No really, what she said.



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