Poor Joe Walsh. Not only does he still get mocked for long ago claiming he would break out his musket if Trump didn’t win in 2016, but now he can’t seem to figure out why more people don’t care about the January 6 Committee Hearings.

Especially GOP voters, he’s really fussy with them.

We love that Kurt Schlichter upsets him so much.

It’s the little things that make Twitter bearable.

And speaking of making Twitter bearable, Dr. Strangetweet does a fairly exceptional job of doing just that, especially when he puts together one of his threads. This one is exceptionally good about why nobody really cares about the January 6 Kangaroo Court:

The only people who care about Jan 6 are still the only people who have ever really cared about Jan 6. Sorry, not sorry.

They’re not changing minds.

No one was held accountable.

Still waiting for Schiff to provide his evidence.


Take them all … every single seat.

They were mad when Trump ordered two scoops of ice cream.

No apology.

Not a single one.

And the mistakes always went in one direction.

Still angry about what they did to Kavanaugh.

Mostly peaceful.

But a 69-year-old grandmother was sent to prison yesterday for simply walking into the Capitol on January 6.

Of course, they didn’t call for peace? The unrest, the violence, it all helped their cause.

They literally had to move Trump to the bunker but you know, not an insurrection.

That was NUTS.


We’re not.

And then take a bunch of seats.



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