Has Stephen Colbert EVER been funny?

Asking for a friend.

We get what he’s trying to do here but eh … we’ve seen better jokes and/or digs from Twitter accounts with a bunch of numbers in their name using the Ukrainian flag emoji in their handle. Maybe losing to Greg Gutfeld over and over and over again has finally broken ol’ Stephen.

He could have at least tagged Manchin, ya’ know? And eh.

Not funny.

Not clever.

Stephen colbert dance GIF - Find on GIFER

We’re pretty sure he did not own, dig at, dunk on, or embarrass Manchin even a little.

You’d think with some writers backing him up he could come up with something funnier than this, right?

See, we’re not the only ones who are completely underwhelmed here.


We see what they did there.

Not. At. All.



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